Farhad Farzami

Andrew Anechoic Room
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    This facility was purchased in 1999 thanks to a gift from the Andrew Corporation, Orland Park, IL. The equipment was installed by Orbit FR and it allows for measurements to be taken between 2 GHz and 26.5 GHz. There are six standard probes to sense electromagnetic radiation by Antenna Ander Test (AUT). These probes including: i. WR-284 WG Probe (2.6-3.95 GHz), ii. WR-187 WG Probe (3.95-5.85 GHz), iii. WR-137 WG Probe (5.85-8.2 GHz), iv. WR-90 WG Probe (8.2-12.4 GHz), v. WR-62 WG Probe (12.4-18 GHz), vi. WR-42 WG Probe (18-26.5 GHz). Each probe operates in a specific frequency band. transmitter and receiver antennas are moved by positioners that are remotely controlled. The probe stand in the anechoic room provide different angle instalment to sense different polarization.
    The AUT is installed on Orbit 4806 PCU position controller with two different azimuth and elevation angle rotation. Th positioner is controlled by MI-3003 Workstation from MI Technologies. The software control the positioner and receiver instrument to collect data. Andrew Electromagnetics Lab use Agilent 8510C and N5222A PNA network analyzer to measure the antenna. The AUT gain can be measured by a set of satndard gain horn from Orbit FR from 1.7 GHz to 26.5 GHz.
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    Andrew Electromagnetics lab posses several instruments for RF circuits and antennas measurenment up to 26.5 GHz including:
N5222A PNA Microwave Network Analyzer
Agilent E4440A PSA Spectrum Analyzer
Tektronix TDS 6604 Oscilloscope
Agilent E8267C PSG Vector Signal Generator
HP 8510C Vector Network Analyzer
66222A System DC power supply
EM Software
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Andrew Electromagnetics lab possess Ansys Electronics 18 and Advanced Design Systems (ADS) license for designing and simulating active/passive RF circuits and antennas.